Preliminary Program

Saturday, March 3rd

15:00    Registration starts

18:00    3-course Dinner
19:30    Welcome address
    Chair: Anne Ephrussi
Keynote lecture by Christine Mayr (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center): 3' UTR-mediated protein-protein interactions

20:30    Poster and Drinks

Sunday, March 4th

8:45    General introduction

Session 1    Chair: Barbara Conradt
9:00      Anne Ephrussi (EMBL - FOR2333 member): oskar mRNA transport in the Drosophila germline
9:30      Jernej Ule (Francis Crick Institute) - supported by Lexogen: The structure-function relationships of full length mRNAs
10:00    Jeff Chao (FMI Basel): Imaging the life and death of mRNAs in single cells
10:30    Coffee break

Session 2    Chair: Michaela Müller-McNicoll
11:00   Jeff Gerst (Weizmann Institute): mRNA multiplexing: operon-like control of pheromone responsiveness
             and mating in yeast
11:30   Heiner Schaal (Uni Düsseldorf): Towards deciphering the splice code
12:00   Anne Spang (Biocenter Basel): Asymmetric Distribution of Hexose Transporter mRNA Provides a
            Growth Advantage
12:30   Lunch break

Session 3    Chair: Julian König
14:00    Marina Chekulaeva (MDC Berlin): RNA localisation as a key determinant of neurite-enriched proteome
14:30    Markus Landthaler (MDC Berlin): Exploring mRNA interactome changes
15:00    Barbara Conradt (Munich University): Post-transcriptional control of apoptosis in C. elegans
15:30   Coffee break

Session 4    Chair: Marina Chekulaeva
Talks from DFG-Research Unit FOR2333

16:00    Joyita Mukherjee (Jansen Lab, Tübingen University): mRNA proximity biotinylation - A new tool to identify the
             interactome of a localized mRNA
16:20   Silke Jankowski (Feldbrügge lab, Düsseldorf University): The importance of Pab1-interacting proteins during
             endosomal mRNP transport in Ustilago maydis
16:40   Rico Schieweck (Kiebler lab, Munich University): The RNA-binding protein Pumilio2 regulates expression of
             the GABAA receptor subunit Gabra2 in cortical neurons     
17:00   Simone Heber (Niessing lab, Ulm University): The role of Staufen 2 RNA-binding domains 1 and 2 in RNA recognition
17:20   Daniela Lazzaretti (Bono lab, MPI Tübingen): Structural insights into dsRNA target recognition by Staufen

18:00   Dinner

20:00   Posters and Drinks

Monday, March 5th

8:45    General introduction

Session 5    Chair: Kathi Zarnack
9:00    Keynote lecture by Erin Schuman (MPI Brain Research): Local transcriptomes and proteomes in neurons

10:00   Peter Lukavsky (CEITEC Brno): Staufen1 reads out structure and sequence features in ARF1 SBS for specific
             target recognition
10:30   Coffee break

Session 6    Chair: Susanne Kramer
11:00    Simon Bullock (MRC-LMB, Cambridge): In vitro reconstitution of dynein-based mRNA transport
11:30    Sebastian Maurer (CRG, Barcelona) - talk supported by RNA Society
             A reconstituted mammalian mRNA transport system reveals mechanisms controlling cargo quantity and specificity
12:00   Tatjana Tchumatchenko (MPI Brain Research): Computational insights into localization of mRNAs and proteins
12:30   Lunch break

Session 7    Chair: Tatjana Tchumatchenko
14:00    Julian König (IMB Mainz): The role of U2AF65 in splicing relies on regulation by co-factors
14:30    Stavroula Mili (NCI at NIH, Bethesda): Mechanical Regulation of RNA Localization Contributes to Cell Migration
15:00    Michaela Müller-McNicoll (Frankfurt University): Regulation of selective mRNA export by SR proteins
15:30    Coffee break

Chair: Sebastian Maurer
16:00    Yoav Arava (Technion Institute): Hidden roles for famous players: tRNA synthetases act as mRNA binding proteins
16:15    Julien Béthune (Heidelberg University): 4EHP-independent repression of endogenous mRNAs by the membrane-
              associated RNA-binding protein GIGYF2
16:30    Andrea Bleckmann (Regensburg University): WOX mRNAs accumulate into specific mRNPs during embryogenesis
              and stem cell development

17:30    Departure for Neanderthal Museum (incl. dinner)

Tuesday, March 6th

8:45    General introduction

Session 8    Chair: Julien Bethune
9:00    Kathi Zarnack (Buchmann Institute, Frankfurt; FOR2333 member): Transcriptome-wide view of endosomal mRNP transport
9:30    Michael Sattler (TU München & Helmholtz München): Decoding protein-RNA recognition and dynamics using integrative
            structural biology
10:00  Mario Hofweber (Munich University): The nuclear import receptor Transportin and arginine methylation suppress phase
            transitions of FUS and regulate RNA binding to FUS
10:15  Jan Medenbach (Regensburg University): Drosophila Sister of Sex-lethal antagonizes Sxl-lethal-dependent splicing to
            maintain a male-specific gene expression pattern
10:30    Coffee break

Session 9    Chair: Jan Medenbach
11:00   Henning Urlaub (MPI Göttingen): Characterizing protein-RNA interactions by UV-light and chemically induced cross-linking approaches
11:30   Special guest from the Cologne Spring Meeting: Torben Heick Jensen (Aarhus University): Sorting RNA for function or decay

12:00    Closing remarks



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