Room reservations are not included in the conference fee and have to be arranged by yourself.

There is a limited number of double rooms ranging from 107€/night to 119€/night and single rooms at 95€/night at the conference venue, Hotel Mutterhaus. These rooms need to be booked before January 6th, 2018. Reservations are made on a first come first serve basis. Please quote "RNA-conference-2018”.

There are a few hotels in Kaiserswerth and plenty in the surrounding area. Hotels/hostel(s) closer to city centre are also an option. Tram line U79 will shuttle you to the venue.

In Kaiserswerth:

Hotel Kaiserswerth                         from 65€/night

Hotel ambiente et                           from 65€/night

Hotel Am Schwan                           from 65€/night           (German website only)

Hotel Barbarossa Kaiserswerth   from 90€/night

Please keep in mind that Düsseldorf hosts quite a few trade fares, so try to book your room(s) early.


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